Media Appearances & Interviews

This American Life: Crime scenes and the stories they tell, This American Life podcast 8/14/18
Dead Wrong: Jeffrey Brooks ‘accidental death’ theory shot down, The Courier-Mail, 8/13/18
What Does the Effect of a Bullet Fired From an AR-15 Look Like?,, 2018
Corpse flower definitely smells like a dead body, San Francisco Chronicle, 7/23/18
Even Dead Patients Complain, MedPage Today, 5/10/18
Bizarre Things That Happen to Your Body After You Die, Reader’s Digest 2018
The Mysterious Deaths That Rocked a Wealthy Southern California Enclave, Town & Country magazine 4/4/18
Expert Witness: Jury Duty–Inside the Box, Forensic Magazine 6/17
Expert: Grim search could take years, Daily Mail 6/18/17
Grenfell Tower fire interview, BBC Newsnight, 6/16/17
What It’s Like to Specialize in Forensic Pathology: Shadowing Dr. Melinek, AMA Wire, 5/10/17
How to Find a Qualified Forensic Pathology Expert, Forensic Magazine, 3/17
Roll up your sleeves for the dirtiest jobs in the Bay AreaSFGate/San Francisco Chronicle, 2/8/17
#DressLikeAWoman : Médecin légiste, je travaille en blouse, n’en déplaise à Donald Trump, L’Obs 2/8/17
MedicalSchoolHQ Podcast,Episode SS 24 : What is Forensic Pathology? Dr. Melinek Shares Her Story, 2017 ‪
21 Women Respond to Trump Telling Female Staff to ‘Dress Like a Woman’, Huffington Post, 2/3/17
Spinning Logic podcast episode #102 with Jason Harvey, air date 12/23/16
Infant Death Investigation: Asphyxia or SIDS? ,Forensic Magazine 12/6/16
The Strong Women’s Club podcast, air date 12/16
Cops Say Infant Was Strangled with Halloween Lights, Inside Edition, air date 11/16/16
Secret Recordings Reveal Flawed Death Investigation, Fox9 KMSP, air date 11/16/16
Keeping Death Investigations Free from Pressure by Julie Small for KQED’s California Report, 9/13/16
How Designer Drugs and the Opioid Epidemic Affect Modern Forensic Practice, Forensic Magazine 9/16
How Can a Family Best Work with a Coroner or Medical Examiner? Part II, Seven Ponds blog, 8/20/16
How Can a Family Best Work with a Coroner or Medical Examiner? Part I, Seven Ponds Blog, 8/13/16
Mind Your Manners: Where Death Certification Ends and Prevention Begins, Forensics Magazine 6/16
Talking With a Doctor Who’s a Real Working Stiff for, 4/14/16
O.J. Simpson Saga: Was Knife Used in Murders from Unaired TV Pilot?, Crime Watch Daily, aired 3/12/16
Reddit AMA, 3/10/16
Justice Scalia’s Unexamined Death Points to a Problem, opinion piece on, published 2/20/16
Crime & Science Radio, interview with author/host D.P. Lyle, air date 1/30/16
It’s Not About The Dead Body, Crime Watch Daily, air date 12/2/15
Interview with Forensic Pathologist Dr. Judy Melinek and Author TJ Mitchell with Miriam Slozberg, posted 11/27/15
Explain Things To Me with Anna Akana and Brad Gage, released 11/19/15
She’s the One They Call When You Die In Strange Ways, the Bill Carroll Show/KFI AM 640, air date 11/11/15
Five Case Studies in Forensic Toxicology, Forensic Magazine, 10/22/15
The Anton Savage Show, air date 10/14/15
Sword & Scale podcast, Episode 53, air date 10/3/15
7 Common Mistakes Regarding Autopsy Reports, Forensic Magazine, 9/9/15
In Deep with Angie Coiro, show #100, air date 9/5/15
The Ronn Owens Show, air date 7/28/15
AP/USA Today, Time Critical in Solving Bobbi Kristina’s Death air date 7/27/15
All Things Considered, Interview with Arun Rath re: Sandra Bland’s autopsy, air date 7/25/15
The Michael Dressler Show, air date 6/23/15
Anderson Cooper 360 Panel Discussion on DC Murders, air date 5/22/15
People Are Using #SorryMom To Confess Their Hilarious Sins on Mother’s Day on, 5/10/15
CNN Interview with Fredricka Whitfield re: Freddie Gray in-custody death, air date 5/2/15
Jamal Truelove – National Registry of Exonerations
“Cause of Death May Be Elusive to Find in SF Body Parts Case” by Evan Sernoffsky, SF Chronicle 2/5/15
NBC Bay Area: Goodwill Surveillance Video Show Person Pulling Suitcase in Body Parts Case, air date 2/2/15 (starts at 1:11)
STEELE INTERVIEWS: Judy Melinek, M.D. and T.J Mitchell [Working Stiff], by Amy Steele on Entertainment Realm, 1/31/15
89.3 KPCC’s “Take Two” with host Alex Cohen, air date 1/6/15 (interview begins at 15:25)
Radio New Zealand’s “Nine to Noon” with host Kathryn Ryan, air date 11/27/14
SiriusXM Radio’s “MIP” with Mark Thompson, air date 10/27/14
PBS NewsHour, “What the forensic evidence says about Michael Brown’s death”, air date 10/23/14
“Rewrite: The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell”, air date 10/23/14
The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell, air date 10/22/14
Tantor Audio Interview with Mary Roach and Judy Melinek, MD
“LAHS Science and Technology Week features medical examiner”, Los Altos Town Crier 10/22/14
20 Questions: Judy Melinek, MD, Pathology by Juliet Farmer, 10/22/14
Moment Magazine, “Closing the Book of Life: A Jewish Forensic Expert on Death’s Mysteries”
The Dr. Oz Total Body Restart air date 9/30/14
Commentary on Colton Turner case, KVUE Austin, TX air date 9/17/14
WNYC’s “The Leonard Lopate Show”, air date 9/15/14
Radio MD’s “Body Language”
The Marilu Henner Show, air date 9/10/14
What Michael Brown’s Autopsy Tells Us, opinion piece published 8/21/14 article: “Multiple Possible Causes of Death”
KQED’s “Forum”, air date 8/13/14
KGO’s The Ronn Owens Show, air date 8/11/14
NPR’s “Science Friday” with Ira Flatow, air date 8/8/14
Anderson Cooper 360: MH17: Identifying the Victims
The Real CSI: Forensic Pathology & Death Investigation, Lecture given as part of the UCSF Osher Mini Medical School for the Public, 3/19/14
Workstew Podcast: Interview with Forensic Pathologist Dr. Judy Melinek & Writer  T.J. Mitchell
Dr. Phil Sept. 21, 2012: Deadly New Accusations: A Murder Mystery?
Dr. Drew on HLN: Attorney on Mansion Death: “Time to Reopen This”

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