In order to register for the on-line lectures you must be a resident in an ACGME accredited pathology training program. The registration is free, and is meant to limit access to what may otherwise be considered graphic images. Many of the lectures contain pictures of actual autopsies. These are meant for educational purposes only and are not to be distributed or copied. Where possible, personal identifiers are obscured.

If you are a pathology resident and would like access to the lectures, please e mail with the following information:

Your full name
Your professional e mail address at the hospital where you work (free internet e mail accounts will not be honored)
Your residency program:
What year are you in?
Are you AP/CP or both?
What is the name and contact information (phone number) of your residency program director? will then call your residency program director to confirm your affiliation and a login name and password will be sent to your e mail account. Passwords will be changed on a quarterly basis to maintain restricted access.